Thank you for all your years of support by watching
   Beyond Main Street. We hope you all had as much fun
   watching as we did making it.

                                                  - Lou & Bob


Beyond Main Street & In Your Ears Experience Episode List


Date Description
BMS #102
Here is the final Beyond Main Street podcast. Thanks so much for  EVERYTHING over the past few years. I’ve really enjoyed it……hope you have as well.

I’ll miss you folks.

BMS #101
Here is BMS episode #101. Some more footage from my Sept, 2002 WDW trip. Notice some extinct attractions even from this time period. I think you’ll enjoy seeing them again. Hope you enjoy.
BMS #100
Here are some short clips from September 11, 2002 – in Walt Disney World. Some clips include a speech from President Bush announcing Patriots Day while I stand on Main Street and other clips are from around Magic Kingdom. Enjoy.
BMS #99
Here is Beyond Main Street Show 99. A little WDW Buzz Lightyear ride through and some extra footage from Tokyo Disney.
BMS #98
A “Double Vision” ride through.   Enjoy.
BMS #97
A Vintage-like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Walt Disney World. Enjoy.
BMS #96
BMS Show 96: My WDW trip itinerary and a dancing Earl from trapped on vacation.
BMS #95
A very special guest joins me.
BMS #94
A short video introduction
BMS #93
I lost the Magic.
BMS #92
More from the October, 2001 trip.
BMS #91a
Happy Halloween! Villians Stage Show from MNSSHP, Oct, 2010
BMS #91
October, 2001 footage. Lou, Sara and niece Megan drive to WDW. See Lou before you’ve ever known him.
IYEE #64
I’m in China….really!
BMS #90
Day two footage of my May/June 2010 trip. Enjoy.
IYEE #63
I welcome a long time friend on the show for some good ole fashion Disney chattin. Hope you enjoy.
BMS #89

Day 1 footage from May/June 2010 WDW vacation.

BMS #88

In this episode I lay down some Disney’s Animal Kingdom music to some video of my local zoo I shot on July 31, 2010. I hope you enjoy it. I wanted to do a new show and practice shooting video on my new iPhone 4. Let me know what ya think. Take Care, Lou

IYEE #62

Ending my last few hours of DPN Westfest alone in DCA.

BMS #87

Day 3 footage of my Disneyland, Westfest footage. Enjoy.

IYEE #61

Discussing where I have been and what has been going on.

BMS #86

More un-professional video clips from Day 2 of my Westfest, Disneyland trip in early May. Enjoy!

IYEE #60

Join me in this IYEE that covers a great attraction at Disneyland, California during the DPN Westfest events. Hope you enjoy.

BMS #85

Day 1 footage from Disneyland and DPN Westfest, April 2010.

IYEE #59

Disneyland discussions and more with a special guest.

IYEE #58

With the DPN Westfest coming up soon, I thought it be nice to play some audio I took at the event back in 2008. I hope you enjoy this awesome attraction ride thru.

BMS #84

Lou and Bob catch up, a couple videos of Randomness, and some classic bloopers.

IYEE #57

Unprofessional-ism at it’s best.

BMS #83

An afternoon drive!

IYEE #56

Guest Shayne joins me in this episode to just hang out and talk a little Disney.

IYEE #55

Speaking with a special guest in this episode. Enjoy!

BMS #82

Happy Chinese New Year!

BMS #81

Day 2 footage from my WDW December trip.

BMS #80

Final day footage from my Oct, 2009 WDW family vacation.

BMS #79

Day 5 footage from my Oct, 2009 WDW family vacation.

IYEE #54

Final show of 2009. Happy Holidays!

IYEE #53

Jungle Cruisin with CM Samantha.

BMS #78

Day 4 footage from my Oct, 2009 WDW family vacation.

BMS #77

Day 3 footage from my Oct, 2009 WDW family vacation.

IYEE #52

Good (& Bad) music in this episode. Enjoy

BMS #76

Day 2 footage from my Oct, 2009 WDW family vacation.

IYEE #51

Recorded live in AK.

BMS #75

Pre-trip & Day 1 footage from my Oct, 2009 WDW family vacation.

BMS #74

Short scary films from BMS Productions and a Ghostly Bob comes back.

BMS #73b

2007 Hallowishes at the Magic Kingdom.

IYEE #50

In Your Ears Experience 50; Rock N Roll with Mom and Dad.

BMS #73

Vala’s Pumpkin Patch in Gretna, Nebraska.

Basically no Disney in this episode – but I enjoyed doing it anyway – I hope you enjoy too.

IYEE #49

D23 Expo thru an attendee’s eyes.

Thank to my buddy Ray for coming on this episode!

BMS #72

D23 announcements, Celebrations Parade & more.

IYEE #48

Nearly 3 hours of Disney fun and a brand new Sexy Rexy song.

IYEE #47

Going to Art School.

BMS #71

Shorter episode, Mission; Disney & a “bag of goodies” winner is drawn.

IYEE #46

Carpet Flying (adult humor in this episode)

BMS #70

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Mini-Series Part 3 - Conclusion

BMS #69

Animal Kingdom Lodge: Mini-Series Part 2 - Jambo House

IYEE #45

A slightly longer episode this week but I am very glad to welcome a special guest. No discussions of the 4th of July in this show, but I still would like to wish everyone a safe Holiday.

IYEE #44

Michael Jackson & a new Random audio segment

BMS #68

Animal Kingdom; Mini Series Part 1.

IYEE #43

From Epcot to AKL

IYEE #42

Breakfast at the Beach

SE #12

This is Cheezy!

BMS #67

Heading back to Florida/WDW.

BMS #66

Sweet (Yedi) Dreams

IYEE #41

A Westfest 2009 quickie

IYEE #40

Animal Kingdom Lodge Storytelling

IYEE #39

Chillin like (Disney) Villains

IYEE #38

Disneyland’s Crazy Train.

Thank you for listening as always.

BMS #65

A quick hello from Lou & a new Mission: Disney. Enjoy!

IYEE #37

An Epcot walk & Disney Day (A new track by Sexy Rexy)

IYEE #36

Some “Buzz” about the DPN’s Westfest.

BMS #64

We're back!!!

IYEE #35

One TRIPPY Show!

IYEE #34

Lou’s December, Mousefest, Bleepinfest, Family Vacation Trip Report.

BMS #63

Happy Holidays from Lou, Sara & mostly….Elise!! See you all in 2009.

IYEE #33

In Your Ears Experience 33: I need help!!

WDW Special 6

BMS - Walt Disney World: Day 6 Special

WDW Special 5

BMS - Walt Disney World: Day 5 Special

WDW Special 4

BMS - Walt Disney World: Day 4 Special

WDW Special 3

BMS - Walt Disney World: Day 3 Special

WDW Special 2

BMS - Walt Disney World: Day 2 Special

WDW Special 1

BMS - Walt Disney World: Day 1 Special

BMS #62


Happy Birthday Walt!

IYEE #32

Sexy Rexy's Holiday Tunes! 5 Tracks total.

BMS #61

Walt Disney World 2005 Christmas Holiday Happenings

BMS SE #11

Elias' Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner. Happy Thanksgiving from Beyond Main Street

IYEE #31

On the beach at The Wilderness Lodge.

BMS #60

Here we have it, the final Beyond Main Street Vidcast as you know it, show #60. We talk about some past shows and crazy things we have done on BMS. The show is a little long - at around 50 minutes, but I think if you hang with us for one more time through the entire'll see that we discuss things that maybe we should have discussed before we sat down to record and you might even be a little surprised.

IYEE #30
Get off my ASS!!
IYEE #29
An excursion to a local Haunted House. Happy Halloween.
IYEE #28
VIDEO-CAST. In Your Ears Experience Vidcast - A VERY short introduction to a new segment.
IYEE #27
In Your Ears Experience 27; Hallowishes & contest winner announcement. Enjoy & thanks for litening.
BMS SE #10

On this BMS Special Edition #10 we take a nice little ride with some Ghosts, play a couple very short ads for two new Disney related items, and close with a Halloween Greeting.

BMS #59

In this episode #59 of BMS Lou & Bob have some co-hosts (well kinda). You've seen 'em before and they are always a hoot to see on occasion. We also get an awesome Mission: Disney from our buddy Clinton at Comedy 4 Cast & show some Dapper Dans Video from the West coast. This is a nice FULL 20 minutes or so videocast. We hope you enjoy it.
Also, if you miss THIS specific episode of BMS - BE SURE and DO NOT miss the next episode #60. It'll be one episode that you WILL NOT want to miss.

IYEE #26
A little contest: What do each of these audio clips have in common. Don't over think this, I'm not looking for extreme similarities. :o)
IYEE #25

No Disney in the episode. This show is titled: Doctor Doctor. Enjoy!

IYEE #24
CHANGES are a coming to the IYEE & a Super CRAZY Ride on Test Track!

Special Edition BMS #9. "A couple Coasters" (with the family).

In this special edition, we'll go on a couple coasters with the family, as well as see a couple quick videos. One of which includes a "quickie food review" from The 50's Prime Time Restaurant in Hollywood Studios.

IYEE #23

...And the rain rain rain, came down down down. ENJOY!

BMS #58

Come join me and the family as we discuss a couple topics about our upcoming trip to WDW.
Show is around 33 mins. Enjoy.

IYEE #22
In Your Ears Experience 22. I'm on my way to WDW.
IYEE #21
In Your Ears Experience #21 - Elise. Enjoy!!
IYEE #20

In Your Ears Experience 20 - China! Enjoy.

IYEE #19
In this 19th episode - We listen to an attraction that Soars over Epcot and I discuss a little of where I've been and why a delay in IYEE shows. ENJOY!
BMS #57

In this Episode #57 of BMS, we get ready for football season, do a little begging, plurking tweeting and best of all - have a guest back on the show to answer some questions. Enjoy!!

IYEE #18

In this 18th episode - I come to you from Walt Disney World and we go on a Dizzy-ing trip on a wild and crazy Animal Kingdom attraction. Audio in this episode was recorded from April. Enjoy!

BMS #56

BEYOND MAIN STREET #56: A nice casual show dedicated to the one and only Pocahontas. Hope you enjoy!

BMS #55

In BMS Vidcast #55, we take a suggestion from "Jillybeana". She says it would be nice to see who walks by as we record BMS in the garage. Well, in this episode, you get to see who walks by and hangs out in my neighborhood via the BMS Spy Cam. Hope you enjoy.


Beyond Main Street Special Edition #8

IYEE #17

In this 17th episode - I give just a TINY bit of Patriotism to celebrate Independence Day (the 4th of July). Enjoy.

BMS #54

In this fun #54 episode of BMS, we have a guest back on the show. It's been awhile, but this was a very fun conversation. Last show we had a guest as well...a guest which was in the form of a BEE. Did the BEE decide to come back again? You'll see!

IYEE #16

Welcome back to a normal IYEE. To make up for the bad music I've been playing on the podcast, I wanted to bring you all a few songs from some great Walt Disney world musicians. These guys you can see at the Disney Hollywood Studios. Enjoy.

BMS #53

Episode #53 of BMS takes us back outside in Lou's lovely Garage. Fortunately, you won't get to see that mess. What you will see is Lou & Bob spending a little time covering where Bob has been, how Westfest was and just shooting the breeze. Featured video in this show will be a nice quick ride on Goofy's Barnstormer. Enjoy this episode and we'll see you on show #54 shortly.

BMS #52

In this episode #52 of BMS. There will be no Bob in this episode, but Lou will talk about 10 (in no particular order) things he learned about Disneyland during his recent trip over Westfest08.
We hope you enjoy this show, and thank you once again to everyone who came out to Westfest and everyone who made it happen. I truly appreciate everyone efforts in making it an absolute awesome weekend and vacation to Disneyland.

IYEE #15
Welcome to the In Your Ears Experience - Episode #15. Sit back, relax and enjoy this short clip from Westfest08'.
IYEE #14
I'm Baaack!
Whoa, Westfest 08 was AAWWEESSOOMMEEE!!!
Fresh off my Disneyland/Westfest 08 trip and I'm still not recovered. I am excited to get this show out for you all and I hope you enjoy it.
Audio from this show is from an attraction that I got a chance to ride multiple times, but this recording was the first on this trip. I was gald to ride it with so many friends.
Lastly, I close the show out with a few thank you's to everyone.
I hope you enjoy!
Kinda funny, my last show was from a WDW Mountain with a HUGE White Snowman, and This show is from basically the same, just on the Westsiiiide! :o)
BMS #51

In this 51st episode of the BMS Vidcast, due to a busy couple weeks, we decided to put out a smaller "hold you over" show. Basically you can look forward to a nice large show in middle of May, following Westfest.
In this show, Lou will start by talking a couple minutes on his stay at Wilderness Lodge during his recent trip. Also, look for 2 shorts AD's on BMS related material coming VERY soon in the future, and a pretty cool little Animal Kingdom video from our buddy Jon from Minnesota. Runtime is under 20 minutes, so kick back and enjoy.

IYEE #13
Welcome to the IYEE, #13.
Well, I am fresh off my vacation from Walt Disney World & man was it fun. We had a great time. I brought back lots of fun audio to play over the coming months, but the particular piece of audio on THIS episode is from back in December, 2007 during my Mousefest trip. This was a great ride on Expedition Everest, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. One thing is sure, I will never forget it.
vIYEE #12
I didn't plan on doing an IYEE episode before I leave for WDW on April 5th, but I got such a cool email, that it made me want to get one more out for you all. I hope you enjoy this episode and thanks as always for listening.
BMS #50

In a galaxy far far away nearly 2.5 years ago, 2 dudes decided to bring to the Disney fan world something a little different. A fan made online Disney fan tv/variety show. With this show they wanted to share laughs, cries and just plain ole good times with other people like them.
Over the years, you've heard "Dings", "Sups", and fart noises. You've seen strange Pirates, head banging rockers, celebrities, park attractions, special events, Cast Members, stupid dances, weird hats and much much more.
In this show we are proud to bring MOST of you something a little different. Something you've never seen before. Something we hope you enjoy. Something we had fun throwing together.
Ladies and Gentleman you'll have to watch to see what it is! For now we'll call it Episode #50!

IYEE #11

Episode #11 brings back an old guest to the IYEE, my lovely lovely wife Sara. We spend a few minutes in the beginning of this episode discussing what we are gonna (or not gonna) play for featured audio this show.

BMS #49

The Beyond Main Street Vidcast episode #49 comes to you from a special place at WDW. The highly rumored 5th Gate - Disney's Night Kingdom!! Bob & Lou (or Lou & Bob) discuss the rumored park and attractions you can expect to see when it opens.
Lots of crazy, fun talk in this special reported & slightly different episode. We also celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a little help from a few of our Leprechaun (we say Munchkin) friends.


IYEE #10

In this 10th episode of the IYEE, we head over to Epcot to take a nice ride on Test Track with the family. Show clocks in at under 12 minutes.


Here it is! My (Lou/Sexy Rexy) American Idol audition, 2007. ENJOY!

BMS #48

In this #48 episode of the BMS Vidcast, we go a little patriotic since President's Day is/was this week. Some fun What the Dizzes, The Hall of Presidents attraction, some nipple rubbing and a funny (adult oriented) song to end the show are things to look forward to.


Sup? (or Jambo!)
Here in episode #9 of the IYEE, we take you for a nice ride along the Kilimanjaro Safari. Apologies for the slightly longer episode, but there was something cool at the end of the attraction audio that I wanted you all to hear. I hope you enjoy it...I sure did.

BMS #47

"Yea Boooyyyy"!

Coming to you from the old Disney Gallery in Disneyland, sit back and relax as Bob and I take you for a another fun filled journey "Beyond Main Street". A fun show with another fun ride - but this time from Paradise Pier at DCA. Did I ever mention I am scared to death of heights? Well I am.

Sup? Welcome to the 8th episode of the In Your Ears Experience. In this rockin' episode we get to jam out to our friends Aerosmith. However; this is a different kinda of ride - things just don't go as planned.
I hope you enjoy the show because I had fun throwing it together for you.
BMS #46
In this episode #46 of BMS, Bob and I come back and talk about the Holidays, Mousefest, and a lot more. We are all over the place. We even decided to do our part and "Go Green" for a little while. The featured video in this episode is Horizons from Epcot and was shot less than a week before it closed on January 9th 1999. We hope we take you back a few years and let you remember some of the old great Epcot that used to be.
In this episode #7 of the the IYEE I start off by talking a few minutes about the DPN Westfest event that is coming up in May. It'll be a great time, so come on out to Disneyland. Before I end the show I let you hear the lamest, driest Monorail monologue ever, done by yours truly. Although it's very lame, I still had fun and I hope you do to!
In this episode #6 of the In your Ears, Bob and I give a short holiday greeting and then you get to hear a NEW 12 days of Chirstmas song - by yours truly.
In this 5th episode of the In Your Ears Experience, I'll try and help brighten up the crappy weather in most parts of the country and bring you the introduction to the Osbourne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at the Disney MGM Studios. If you have never seen this - you gotta get out to WDW in December and check it out. I hope my mediocre (just kidding) binaural audio helps let you experience it at least a little. Happy Holidays!
BMS #45
In this nearly hour long episode #45 BMS we bring you some more NEW Dings and a whole lotta DANCING! Since "Dings" are popping everywhere throughout the Disney podcast arena (and podcasting in general) , we decide to take them to a whole new level. We hope you enjoy these new dings because we had a blast putting them in the show. Also, in this episode we have a great dancing video sent in from a BMS viewer as well as the featured Video segment -that covers a nice little Holiday Parade from WDW.
In this extremely short but festive 4th episode of the In Your Ears Experience I take you away from all the same old holiday music that is on every radio station across the globe, and bring you a little Disney Holiday music with the characters.
I hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!!
In this third episode of the In Your Ears Experience, I'll cover just a few minutes on my WDW-Mousefest plans, talk about a pet peeve I have in the parks and finally take you for a wild train ride in Frontierland.
BMS Special Edition #6 is now complete. I wanna thank my buddy wdwfanjon for sending us a very cool (ding) video of some Epcot, World Showcase entertainment. I personally think it's a great little compilation of videos. I also want to thank another friend Josh, from Tampa for sending in some nice little Disney original art that I think you'll enjoy.
In This 2nd episode of the In Your Ears Experience, I welcome my first in studio guest-host (you all know her as my wife Sara) to talk about our Halloween evening as well as the WDW attraction that is featured in our audio segment. I also go over a few issue we are having with the BMS vidcast and play a couple shorts promos from a couple of friends.
BMS #44
In Episode #44 of BMS, we are finally back in video form. It's been a few weeks since we've done a show and since I (Lou) have returned from my WDW vacation.
In this episode we show a couple cool videos from WDW with a Halloween theme, play a game of hangman, I (Lou) make an announcement about a very large purchase at WDW, and also we go over a few brand NEW BMS show announcements.
Welcome to new BMS "In Your Ears Experience. This is NOT an audio version of the vidcast, this is a new show itself. This first show will feature the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Parade from October, 2007.
I had alot of fun putting this together, so I hope you enjoy it.
BMS #43
In this approximately 45 minute episode, Lou and Bob discuss everything from Lou's upcoming trip, to more on the Dreammaker video, to something about a Fiesta Mexico party in December. Castmember Bob comes back for more questions (and bags on Lou), and we even take a fun ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.
We also hope you enjoy the show, the brand new 'Going to Disney' dance from Lou, and the bloopers at the end. By the way - we missed a very cool *ding* in the beginning segment - we'll try and make that up later on a future show.
In this Special Edition of BMS, Lou and his lovely wife Sara have a little fun and do some pre-trip discussion on their upcoming WDW trip later this month.

Show clocks in at nearly 30 minutes, and ends with another video from our BMS friend Jon in Minnesota. Enjoy.

BMS #42
Welcome to BMS episode #42. In this show we are on location at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo with a special guest. We meet our special guest, talk about why we are there and what we have done. We also have great video from some DPN WestFest events that were held in Disneyland in April. This is a nice short show. Enjoy!!
BMS #41
In this episode #41 of BMS we continue with a couple more fun What The Dizzes, have a great short video clip to Celebrate the Future Hand and Hand at Epcot and also bring back Lou's daughter for another fun ride in Fantasyland. Oh, and Lou breaks out the Donald Duckbutt hat again finally.
BMS #40
Suuuuuup? Ya'llz. Lou & Bob are back on screen for this 45+ minute episode #40 of Beyond Main Street. We brought along our buddy Cast Member Bob back and this time we can hear him....Yeaaaa!!! We also have a great trip report and some pictures (courtesy of DPN member-MattfromPa) sent in from the Magic Meets Gathering in Pennsylvania. This show is packed with lots of crazy fun, extra video clips and more importantly dedications. We hope you enjoy.
Summer is in full effect. It's hot, sunny and the best time to sit outside outside and have a nice drink. Ok, anytime is a good time for a nice drink.

Enjoy this short little video and see you all in a few days with a brand new full episode of BMS.


BMS #39
In this episode of BMS, we get to take a ride through the African Safari with a former cast member, learn about what it was like to work at Animal Kingdom and view some very cool ding snapshots of his time while working there. Thank you to Art for taking part and helping make this episode a special one.
BMS #38
In this episode of BMS, we finally get to watch some guys pound around on some trash cans in Epcot. This was a video request from way back and we are glad to have finally played it on the show. We also have another great 'What the Dizz' segment, draw our potc game winners and also "try" and get Castmember Bob back to answer some questions. The shows clocks in at just under 40 minutes.
BMS #37
As promised, this weeks show is an all Pirates special edition episode. Finally, we bring you the sequel to our "Pirates Of Main Street" skit that originated last year. Be sure and hold on because the ship gets a little rough this time.
To date, this show is probably in the top 2 for most difficult BMS shows to complete...but we did get it. Be sure and post feedback about this specific show at in the Beyond Main street section of the boards to qualify for some new 'FREE STUFF"!
BMS #36
Sup? everyone! After a very busy month of May, Lou & Bob finally get around to getting a show done. Sit back and relax because our opening segment to this show is the longest to date. The entire show pushes 1 hour in length as we enjoy taking you through the parks discussing things like our likes and dislikes of the Disneyland Resort as well as a new "Very Cool" ding special announcement.
We rated this show PG, for some slightly stronger language, but rest assured there is nothing hardcore. Thanks for all the support & enjoy.
BMS #35

In This 35th episode of Beyond Main Street, we are proud to announce a NEW look to the show and we hope you like it. Bob & Lou use their same relaxed style of banter as they discuss many things before they leave for their Disneyland trip next week. Also included in this episode we have a very special guest in the featured video segment, have another minor announcement, and Lou breaks out his dancing shoes. Speaking of dancing.....does Bob join him on the dance floor this time?? You'll have to watch to see.

BMS #34
In this episode of Beyond Main Street, the management team decided more Disney discussions were needed to improve the show. Topics that are covered are Disneyland, Imagineering, and no more dancing!  No more dancing??? Sup? with that?!?! Enjoy!
Bob and I figured what the heck and decided to throw up a tiny special episode to hold you over until the next regular BMS. No Bob & Lou on this show, just a video. Enjoy and see you all very soon.
BMS #33
Sup everyone! In episode 33 of BMS, Lou & Bob return to talk about a little feedback from the previous show, have another tough "What the Dizz is Thizz" segment and finally cover a featured video segment on a classic Attraction in Tomorrowland.  Thank you for all the support.
BMS #32
In this episode of BMS, we have 2 special guest hosts; Lou Mii & Bob Mii make a special announcement; We see a very cool ding, band from Disney MGM studios and oh sure sure to look closely during the featured video. This might be one show you don't wanna me.  Thanks for the support and keep on Rockin'!!!
BMS #31
Well! Here we are live from Bob's chilly basement. We again had some technical issues - but got a show out none the less. We start the show off with a great intro from some friends and then some awesome singing to Lou for his Birthday. We also introduce a (hopefully on occasion) new featured video segment from some special person and then we just basically babble to what seems like no end. Sorry if ya get bored. Enjoy !
BMS #30
In episode #30 of BMS, we start off by answering a new BMS viewers email about their upcoming trip. Shortly after Cast Member Bob visits and answers some long awaited questions and then Sara drops in to review the recent Lion King Broadway show that has FINALLY come to town.
BMS #29
Bob and I finally come back after a few weeks off over the holidays. This was a fun show for us and it felt nice to get back to you all. We cover just a little more MouseFest, share some information on a huge contest and do the same silly ole' Bob and Lou stuff.
BMS #28

Lou is back from his MouseFest trip in WDW so in this episode of Beyond Main Street we show a little park footage & also footage from some of the events that took place. This show leans toward a more raw version, but we still had a great time getting it together for everyone and hope you enjoy it. If so, let us know.

Special thank you to all who attended MouseFest and making the event very special for me. I totally enjoyed all your company and look forward to it again sometime. This definitely was one "VERY COOL" (ding) event!!!

BMS #27

Nothing to special in the episode of BMS. We briefly talk about the past year, take a trip to Animal Kingdom for some cool street performers and also visit again with our friend...Cast Member Bob.

*Show had some technical difficulties once again, so our apologies.*

This will be our final show until I (Lou) returns from WDW/MouseFest.

BMS #26

In show #26 of BMS, we take you into the "Playhouse" and try and do a show for all the kids out there. Like I said, we tried.)

Aside from that, enjoy some more off-screen glances by Bob, some adult humor, and just the normal crazy stuff. Enjoy!!!

BMS #25
Lou & Bob's Not So Scary Halloween Episode.
BMS #24

In this episode we go over why there is NO Oktoberfest party like previously mentioned, watch a video of a somewhat newer Disneyland attraction, and set you up for the next episode that will have a scary flare to it. We hope.

Special thank you to Ray in NV. for supplying the attraction video on this weeks show.

BMS #23

In episode #23, we take you to Marceline Missouri. The small town of Marceline is the boyhood hometown of Walt Disney and the "Original" Main Street USA.

We also announce some exciting news for the DPN, check out some cool collectibles from a few friends of BMS, and finally-our favorite Cast Member stops by to answer a few questions.

Here is a small sampling from the show:
Lou: "What?"
Bob: "What?"
Lou: "What?"
Bob: "What?"

BMS #22

In this episode of Beyond Main Street we get to hear about Lou's trip to WDW, take a "Journey into Imagination", and even run into an old friend working in the the Magic Kingdom.

This show runs about an hour, so sit back and enjoy.

BMS #21

In this show #21 of Beyond Main Street, Bob makes his return, Lou 'might' do some dancing, and we get to head over to The Disney MGM Studios for a great performance by 4 fellas.

This is one "Very Cool" show.

BMS #20
In this episode #20 of Beyond Main Street we take you in the kitchen for some Mickeylodeon making, show you a 1st ever Bonus video Segment that is defiantly a "Magical" experience everyone's sure to LOVE and Lou shows off some new ears.
BMS #19
Live (kinda), from Omaha, Nebraska....we bring you the 2006 BMS Sup? Awards. Beyond Main Street is proud to bring to everyone our version of an awards show. This Disney only awards show will be a little weird, defiantly fun, and most of all a magical experience for all of us.
BMS #18
In this episode of Beyond Main Street we draw our POTC winner, show a long gone attraction and do some babbling. Actually, I think we did a lot of babbling in this show. I Hope everyone doesn't get to bored with this show.
BMS #17


Yep, Beyond Main Street also does a show on POTC. Heck why's a HOT topic right now. Of course, we take the 'Pirates' theme to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.!!

A special red carpet report sent into us by one of our viewers, Martin.
BMS #16
Disneyland part Deux! In this episode, we take you back to Disneyland. Enjoy the Dapper Dans from both WDW and Disneyland while we take a break on Main Street. Thanks to Greg (Micecast & Imagineering My Way podcasts) for the Disneyland Dapper Dans video. Thanks again to everyone who continues to get our show and enjoy it. Summer is officially here so everyone have a safe one.
BMS #15
In this longest BMS to date, we talk about food, have some more give-a-ways with a new trivia contest and take a moment to just STOP, and smell the flowers.
Today Lou gives us a nice slide show of his trip last month to Walt Disney World.
BMS #14

In this uplifting, spiritual, dramatic, un-sensational episode, Lou discusses why things might look different on this show and Bob.......well...he gives you what he usually gives you.

Oh yea, we have a nice little video segment for you as well.

BMS #13
In episode 13 we take a trip to Mexico, draw our Disneyland trivia winner and see Lou off on his Disney trip.
BMS #12
Welcome to show #12! Bob's back, we finally visit Disneyland, and have a very cool It's a Small World Video.
BMS #11
In this Episode we have breaking news from Epcot, do a little "dude" talking and have another trivia for free stuff. We had a lot of fun on this show didn't we Bob?  Bob.??  Hey Bob.??????
BMS #10
Today we try a new format change. We give away our Chicken Little/DVD player prize pack. And we have some fun!
BMS #9
We have a fun show today. We take a dizzy ride on Primeval Whirl, have some fun discussion, and introduce a brand new segment. Enjoy!
BMS #8
Today we travel to the Disney-MGM studios to take a ride on one of Bob's favorite rides, Star Tours. Lou also has another announcement (Surprise!), we draw our book winner and just have fun!
BMS #7
Wow! The show has a brand new look! We have our usual tips and fun, plus Bob takes his first ever ride on Dumbo. We also have a brand new contest with an awesome prize.
BMS #6
In today's show we meet the Candy Lady in Epcot, Lou talks about his trip...again, and we share some romantic tips. We also draw our winners for last weeks contest.
BMS #6
In today's show we meet the Candy Lady in Epcot, Lou talks about his trip...again, and we share some romantic tips. We also draw our winners for last weeks contest.
BMS #5
Today we take a ride on Test Track, Lou talks about his next trip, and we have a new segment! Show may be a little bigger due to a new encoding process. Enjoy!
BMS #4
Coming to you from the great outdoors, Lou and Bob brings you a great new tip, a fireworks spectacular and an awesome voice mail!
BMS #3
Happy Holidays! Lou is back from his Walt Disney World trip. We have some awesome highlights of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade.
BMS #2
Lou's heading to Walt Disney World. A Disney Timeline, and a cool Disney Tree!

BMS #1

Welcome to our first show. We talk about what you can expect, get some great tips from Lou and take a ride on the Monorail!

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